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About Me

I have been an independent consultant in the IT industry for the past 15 years, specializing in data recovery and security. In that time, I have heard many descriptions of IT services that are too long to mention. But here are some of the basics:

I’m a computer technician and every day I get calls from small businesses who want to upgrade computers or run routine maintenance on their network. Some of these businesses are running at a loss because they cannot afford to hire expensive computer repairs professionals, or they cannot afford to do the IT support themselves. So, there they go in search of someone who can give them a hand with their IT support problems. Well, I tell them “If you can’t fix the computer, don’t bother with it – leave it in the hands of a computer repair specialist. I can help them fix the computer without charging them a fortune for computer repairs!”

Another aspect of this is that many small business owners who run small IT departments think that they can get by with a minimal IT budget. They will purchase software and buy a few hardware components to get their business up and running again. This is fine for most IT administrators and computer repair technicians. Unfortunately, these same business owners forget one very important fact: the business world is growing, and competition is fierce! And if they don’t keep up with technology, then their competitors will, and they may not be able to compete.

This is why many business owners now want to consider hiring a computer expert to take care of their IT issues. They realize that it is much better to have someone to do data recovery for them than to try to save money and hope that they get by with basic computer maintenance. Remember, a business owner cannot always be there for their computer – they have families, bills, and so forth. This is why many also find that hiring a service to perform data recovery saves them tons of time in the long run. Instead of spending valuable time worrying about data recovery, these business owners can spend their time working on their businesses and solving problems.

Of course, this is only one aspect of data recovery services. The computer technician must also be able to assess which files might need to be recovered, and where to look for them. Because of the many hidden dangers that exist in the environment today, any service that does not provide the needed expertise for recovery will not be worth anyone’s time. Therefore, one must carefully vet any service before choosing one to use for recovery needs.

However, there is an even greater threat lurking in the background of computer repair and maintenance: viruses. These viruses often attack computers when they are in the most vulnerable state, just after they have been cleaned. This is why you never want to trust a computer repair or maintenance service without first having it running through some type of virus scan. As unpleasant as it is, there is no other option than to run a virus scan during computer repair and maintenance. Without this important safeguard, problems could worsen and data recovery could become impossible. To make sure that your computer repair or maintenance service has the necessary security and software protection for this purpose, you should read this is a blog about IT services before you begin any computer repairs or maintenance.